H32  W15  D8

Here are some of my "WOODSAICS" series

Abstract pieces combining woodworking and mosaic art


Artistic Creations by Rich Conti

H3 W16 D3

H16  W13 D2

H20  W18  D6.5

The items pictured below have been SOLD!

Most of my pieces are one of a kind, but If you see something that interests you,

contact me and I'll see if I can reproduce it.

H2  W16.5  D2.5

H11 W18  D11

H20 W15  D6

H16.5  W16.5  D1

H11.5  W1.75  D13

H9 W9 D2

H11  W19.5  D6.5

H16  W7  D7

H9  W21 D12

H24 W11 D6

H20  W5.5 D1.5

H18  W22  D7.5

Prices vary from $120 to $325

 If you see something you like and want to purchase it, contact me at

Rich Conti



H17  W45  D17

H15  W12  D8

Charcuterie board  H1.5  W27 D7

H26.5 W13 D10

H3.5  W10 D3.5

H13 W12 D6

Artwork measurements (in inches)

Height - from top to bottom not including bracket size

Width  - from right side to left side

Depth - distance from the wall

All artwork includes the brackets

H2  W13  D7

Below is just a sampling of the artwork that is available

Come out to one of the art festivals or contact me

H13  W53  D9

Charcuterie Board  H0.5 W21 D6